Love Language




Family and out-of-town cousins eager to open presents. Four grown up offspring eyeing plump stockings dangling from the mantelpiece.  IMG_4793

The Beloved (aka  _20150623_101400

) wields a mop with vigour.

Sis-in-law is puzzled. “Why is he sweeping the floor?”

“He’s mopping,” I tell her.

Sis-in-law looks around. “But the place is clean.”

“I’ll be



,” The Beloved announces.

Sis-in-law laughs. “  _20150617_155007

my brother-in-law sweeps while the stockings and presents are waiting.”

“He vacuumed. He’s mopping now,” I interject. “And one man’s oddness is someone else’s love language, you know!”

I’m on a roll. “  IMG_20151125_212546

.  A spotless house and  washroom is his gift of love.”

The giggles cease.

Love language, huh?  Hmm …  IMG_20151225_001929

A light bulb comes on.  I hear daughters’ voices , then mine, in my head –

“Why do you spend so much time folding napkins and arranging cutlery?  It’s just a table, Mom. Who cares?”

Who cares?  Who cares??

“I care. It’s  how I show my guests they are honoured and appreciated. It’s my gift –  IMG_20151228_095649

that only I can give  


, and I


giving it.

I begin to wonder.  Is love why I spend hours

– Decorating the Christmas tree

– Creating a one-of-a-kind gift  IMG_20151214_183645308



– Setting a table for my guests


– Making my garden a


to relax and rest in


– Preparing for a surprise birthday party  IMG_2280

Is love why hubby vaccums and mops like crazy when


?  Daughters and nieces squeal over sundry items in their stockings.  A   IMG_20151227_162535529

washes over me.  I


My eyes  smile into hubby’s.

We’re the


, darling!  I

Some folks won’t


.  Crazy compulsions in others’ eyes – his love language and mine.

What is your love language, Reader?  IMG_20151228_101931

, right?  So  


Well, here’s to what’s left of


and to dreams come true in 2016.


and happy New Year!

PS –


and  _20150701_153025




4 thoughts on “Love Language

  1. This is my favorite post thus far, Selina! It takes so many hours to prepare for Christmas. Special touches, special dishes and mopping the floor! 🙂

    A Wonderful 2016 to you and your family.



  2. Hi, Selina.
    You captured the true beauty of love, time spent with family, friends and the little things we do for one another. Happy New Year, my dear friend, to you and your family!
    Rosalyne 🙂


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