_20150526_181758                                                                    …   xx   …   xx   …


I see a sign on the supermarket window –

The wheels in my mind begin to spin. I imagine how wonderful it would be if our


 could provide us with a     _20150601_153527solution to life’s challenges. 

For example –

how to get

                                        or become a 


I’d jump up and down and screech


Wouldn’t you?

What a

 this would be for  life in general!


We all know        _20150601_152038


I’m going to make every effort to do just that!

You’ve heard this one –    _20150601_152318

Isn’t this a fabulous way to deal with the inevitable passage of time?

This digital moment was captured at the grocery store –


If only life was that simple, right?  Then you wouldn’t have  those days when you want to throw up your hands and scream


“Are you there, God?  Do you even care?”

I get tired of waiting, sometimes, don’t you?   You know … for that phone call, e-mail, text, knock at the door – whatever it takes – to deliver the 

you’ve been pining, aching, yearning for.

But I

to speed things up, to make it happen. There’s an appointed time for everything, you know.  It’s written in the stars.

So your mother always said

But what if you feel you can’t wait one more day?  What if you just cannot keep believing?

I’m having one of those moments, when I walk into WalMart.  I cross the threshold and get confronted smack in the face by this –

 The familiar thrill of exhilaration surges through me.  My heart begins to sing again. 

These sudden, unanticipated


 unnerve and delight me.

So once more, I have to


 I want to

 I make up my mind (yet again) that I  will be as young as I believe I am.  I’ll never be too old

I can IMG_20150403_075441776 because I choose to

So I will
_20150601_161550 Once again, I feel refreshed and I’m

I choose to believe that

 and I plan to

Come journey with me.


 Believe with me, because I believe. 

_20150515_195352 – really.  You know,





Someone To Believe


 “There’s no emergency contact in your file, ma’am.  Could I have a relative’s name?”

 “I’m the only one left. They’re all gone.”

 All gone?

I’m at the local hospital for my annual mammogram and bone density test.

(Oh, by the way


… I’m a grateful breast cancer survivor.  Seven years.)

The perplexed secretary persists. “How about a friend?”

“All gone,” the old lady replies.  I exhale when she adds, “I can give you my husband’s name and number.”

The secretary is as relieved as I am.

I find a seat and await my turn. The words scream in my head –

 All gone … the only one left …

 How awful. 

What happens when the husband goes? 

Has she outlived her children? 

Did she have any? 

Not one friend?

Awful.  Awful. Just awful.

I lean back and close my eyes for a moment.   Faces come crowding into my mind.  My heart swells with gratitude. 

The random digital clicks on my mobile phone provide me with a gallery of pictures that inspire the ramblings on this blog.

This one


reminds me to  be thankful for the people in my life who might think I’m a little weird, sometimes outright crazy, but still believe in me. 

They root for me.  They encourage me to


 They cheer –




– and shower me with


when yet another door seems to slam in my face.  They give me a reason to hang on, keep dreaming.

I am thankful for those who believe that



This is my prayer for you, reader – and for myself, of course!







Just think –


Because it’s 


                                                                                                                                   you know!