Two Slices Of Rainbow

Rush hour traffic on Friday morning. A chopped-off bar of colour appears ahead, directly above the steering wheel.

Sketch by Selina, 2016 F
Sketch by Selina,  February 2016

A sideways glance at my passenger. “Look at the gorgeous bit of rainbow!”

No response from Daughter.  I turn into the bus station, and …


An equal-opposite matching wedge in pastel colours. The slices cling to the sky, like two pillars on either side of the building.

Sketch by Selina,
Sketch by Selina, February 2016

Enchanting. Delighted …

“Look, another piece. Heaven is smiling!


!  It’s going to be special!”

Daughter throws a puzzled look and hops out of the car. “Bye, Mom.”

Kids …

I park some feet away, remove sunglasses, raise camera-phone to click. No rainbow.


Disappointed. Turn key in the ignition, put sunglasses back on and …  my chunks of rainbow are back!


Lower the glasses to the tip of my nose. Rainbow-chunks disappear. Realization dawns. These stumps of rainbow are only visible through tinted glasses.   Daughter never saw them.  She must have thought I was nuts.  

I’ve just seen beauty un-visible to the naked eye.  Life’s like that sometimes, isn’t it?

I drive home realizing that


because Inner Me wears tinted lenses born from the dark seasons she’s lived through.

I suppose the soul-sunglasses are to blame for how my eyes perceive  things. Like last week, when I was in the mall minding my business. I had this serious urge to step into Hallmark Cards and …


Three ceramic ornaments in different spots — two below eye level and half turned away from where I stood — held hands and stood up to shout with one voice –




Message for the day?


 – honest! I’m






that IMG_20160123_201754

and IMG_20160114_150918

is now!


to convince me and



I took this picture some months back.


How I laughed.  That’s me.  I can’t help it!








P.S.  Keep the sunglasses on!




This post is dedicated to my friend Marietta with my thanks for the pictures she took and shared with me.  I’ve used one of them in this piece.  All the other photos are digital moments captured on my phone.

Behind The Dreamer …

_20150506_134302Behind the dreamer – no matter how old – there’s often a mother who cheers and dreams alongside.  Sometimes  the embers of the dream might only remain alive  because of her. 

Such a mother makes you feel –


 She is –


 by everything thing you do, no matter how trivial.  She may well be your most ardent and only fan!

That was my mother. 

Mum taught me that –


So, if someone  asks

_20150503_130934 I might evade the question – be honest, who hasn’t? – but I’d never lie. 

I know Mum would say –


… so I won’t! 

She often said –


 On March 28th, 2015 – just weeks ago – my mum’s earthly journey was done.

It’s Mother’s Day today. 

This deluge of mobile-phone digital moments is for you, Mum.   Every picture on this page was taken because it reminded me of who I am, and what I’ve become because of you.

Thank you for teaching me that –


 And –


 For helping me to understand that to –


a dream might require a touch of the –

IMG_20150409_081248654 You showed me that –IMG_20150325_213110812 So I must –

_20150428_145350 always.

 Thanks to you, I will –


 And within me I will remain –


 … always young.  Never too old to dream

You’ve said, over the years, in many different ways –


 Thank you, Mum.   Thank you for the power of your words. 


I miss you so much.

I’ll never stop dreaming – I promise.

 Happy Mother’s Day!