Behind The Dreamer …

_20150506_134302Behind the dreamer – no matter how old – there’s often a mother who cheers and dreams alongside.  Sometimes  the embers of the dream might only remain alive  because of her. 

Such a mother makes you feel –


 She is –


 by everything thing you do, no matter how trivial.  She may well be your most ardent and only fan!

That was my mother. 

Mum taught me that –


So, if someone  asks

_20150503_130934 I might evade the question – be honest, who hasn’t? – but I’d never lie. 

I know Mum would say –


… so I won’t! 

She often said –


 On March 28th, 2015 – just weeks ago – my mum’s earthly journey was done.

It’s Mother’s Day today. 

This deluge of mobile-phone digital moments is for you, Mum.   Every picture on this page was taken because it reminded me of who I am, and what I’ve become because of you.

Thank you for teaching me that –


 And –


 For helping me to understand that to –


a dream might require a touch of the –

IMG_20150409_081248654 You showed me that –IMG_20150325_213110812 So I must –

_20150428_145350 always.

 Thanks to you, I will –


 And within me I will remain –


 … always young.  Never too old to dream

You’ve said, over the years, in many different ways –


 Thank you, Mum.   Thank you for the power of your words. 


I miss you so much.

I’ll never stop dreaming – I promise.

 Happy Mother’s Day!





2 thoughts on “Behind The Dreamer …

  1. This is an amazing tribute to your Mum, who was a very special lady. She made this world, a much more beautiful place with her presence!

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful mum, Sonadialina. Your Golden Light shines through your Golden Words. Everything you say is beautiful, gracious and seasoned with wisdom. Your mum was blessed to have you as her daughter, as I am blessed to be able to call you ‘my friend’. You live the truth that you are ‘no ordinary person’ and you make everyone around you believe the same way. Thank you. xx

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